Living Gaia - Singapore Interior Design Firm

The incomplete universe is philosophised by 5 elements - earth, water,
fire, wood & metal. Acre 2 Living Gaia (A2LG) aspires to complete the
universe with the sixth element - Design.

A2LG is a division of Living Gaia Interior, and represents our foray
into interior architecture design excellence across the industry. Every
project is unique, and we enhance the sixth element of design to amplify
and evolve the essence and characteristics. We share the same green
vision to utilize environmentally friendly and sustainable products in
our projects.

A2LG is the exceptional interior architecture design consultancy firm
for commercial and residential projects. The creative & project
management team works harmoniously with intense passion to provide a
holistic interior, architecture and branding solution. Our partnership
with you involves a full spectrum of designing, construction and
management to accomplish your objectives, by conceiving and transforming
your aspirations into reality.

Acre 2 Living Gaia – The Sixth Element of Design.