Living Gaia - Singapore Interior Design Firm
What does Living Gaia Interior do?
Living Gaia Interior is an interior design firm in Singapore. We specialize in interior design consultation, carpentry, renovation, construction, fabrication and interior styling for residential projects.
Is Living Gaia Interior the cheapest interior design firm in Singapore?
While we are not the cheapest interior design firm in Singapore, we pride ourselves with top quality workmanship and interior design. We believe in charging a reasonable fee combined with exceptional interior design and workmanship quality.
There are so many interior design firms in Singapore. How does Living Gaia Interior stand out from all the other interior design firms?
Quality and exceptional interior design services. We are extremely passionate about interior design, and quality control is of our top priority. Together with our partners, we provide a two years warranty against defects.
Does Living Gaia Interior provide interior design services for all residential types?
Yes, we provide interior design services for all residential types including landed properties, private apartments, condominiums and HDB apartments.
How can I find out more about Living Gaia’s interior design services?
Contact our friendly interior designer at 6509 8866 (East Showroom) / 6795 8866 (West Showroom) for a non-obligatory consultation, they will be delighted to meet you to find out more about your requirements.
Does Living Gaia have any promotional interior design packages?
Yes we do! Click on “Promotions” or contact our friendly interior designers at 6509 8866 (East Showroom) / 6795 8866 (West Showroom) to find out more!
Does Living Gaia participate in interior design events in Singapore?
Yes we do! We have participated in various interior design events at the Singapore Expo and Marina Bay Sands. Click on “Events” to find out more!
Is Living Gaia Interior CaseTrust certified?
Yes, Living Gaia Interior is CaseTrust certified to provide peace of mind to all our customers.

  Call Us at 6509 8866 (Vertex Showroom) or 6795 8866 (Tradehub 21 Showroom)