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Houzz Feature - Pro Corner: Selecting a Design Style for the Photos
Posted 2016-05-26

Pro Corner: Selecting a Design Style for the Photos

Learn the key architectural and decor features to look for when categorising your photos by design style

Picking a style for the photos in your portfolio can be difficult, especially when your design includes a mix of several styles. But deciding upon the right style is key; after all, categorising your photos correctly ensures that users will find your project while searching for the style they love, instead of missing it because it’s in a category where it doesn’t belong.

For those photos you’re on the fence about, Houzz is here to help. Discover where your photos belong with this in-depth explanation of the most popular styles on our site.

COUNTRY (Living Gaia's Project)

What you’re looking for: Country style is characterised by relaxed rural elegance. Schemes include an extensive use of white wood paneling and soft floral patterns, muted hues and pops of red, black or pure white accents.

Features: Distressed wood, antiques, raw wood, exposed beams, florals, small prints and plaids, checks and stripes, softer colours and natural tones, warm wood furniture and natural materials, a focus on the outdoors.

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