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Houzz Feature - 16 Family Study Rooms That Maximise Their Space
Posted 2016-06-14

16 Family Study Rooms That Maximise Their Space

Whatever your budget or space, brilliant shared study-or-work-friendly spaces can emerge with a bit of planning and lots of imagination

The limited space that most apartments in Singapore offer these days is a given. Hence, few homeowners will sacrifice an entire room or space in order to turn it into a study room, a work area or a multi-use space. However, if it’s what you really need – for your kids, a quiet spot to complete their homework or chill with friends, and for you, enough worktop space (plus a wee bit of storage) to catch up on some paperwork – then fret not! These ideas from 16 shared study spaces are sure to inspire.

Living Gaia Interior: This narrow long desk allows two family members to work side by side, with ample space to stretch out the work stuff. The wall-mounted desk leaves you with lots of space underfoot while the floating shelves above the desk neatly hold all your books and files in one place.

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