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7 Inspiring Renovation Stories From Homeowners In Punggol
Posted 2016-06-23

Thank you Mproperty for the feature! 7 Inspiring Renovation Stories From Homeowners In Punggol

Love the cosy feel to this house – wood flooring can really make a space look more spacious and exquisite. Which was exactly the theme homeowners Benson and Angie wanted for their new home now that they have a kid.

Like the other Punggol homeowners we spoke to, this couple also used Qanvast in their search for an interior designer. “Typically we looked at magazines and online sites but what we saw didn’t suit it – it was too trendy. We chanced upon Qanvast and were really surprised with the wide variety of designs and how easy the app is to use. The reviews were also really helpful as it gave us a better idea on how the firm performs,” says Angie.

To further simplify their renovation process, the couple used the Submit a Quote request on the Qanvast app, which was how they ended up working with designer Shi Ting. “The interior design firm could accommodate our budget and we had good chemistry with the designer. We found someone we were comfortable with,” says Benson.

Interior Designer: Living Gaia Interior
Cost of renovation: $45,000

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